Coffeehouse Repertoire 1.e4 (vol 1)

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Coffeehouse Repertoire er en 1.e4-spillers drøm: et arsenal av ideer fra en stormester i verdensklasse. Idéene skal overraske og forvirre motstanderne dine, og kombinerer kafeprat med fullstendig teoretisk soliditet.

I første bind viser GM Gawain Jones hvordan man legger press sicilianske, Caro-Kann, Skandinavisk og Alekhine, ved å bruke linjer som har en potent kombinasjon av overraskelsesverdi, objektiv soliditet og praktisk effektivitet.

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“It seems amazing that Jones has been able to find so many coherent developing sequences that can steer an opponent away from an intended line and comfort zone. There is plenty of explanatory text woven into the pages, as each subtlety is given its cause and reason. In addition the Englishman’s own personality comes out with his pleasant, down to earth, tell it as it is, nicely formulated writing style…

So, all-in-all, I recommend it for those seeking serious fun! It’s Coffeehouse thinking, but on Quality grounds that you can instantly trust!”

GM Glenn Flear, New in Chess Yearbook

“I get the distinct impression that if over-the-board chess becomes normal once more then many club and tournament players will be so relieved that they will be playing for fun rather than taking their games seriously – at least initially. This makes a ‘coffeehouse repertoire’ all the more appealing. Anyone who feels the same will welcome this interesting book with its fresh and intriguing lines.”

Sean Marsh, CHESS magazine

“Gawain presents an overview of the ideas including a “What We’re Hoping for” section. This is the followed by detailed theory with a few illustrative games sprinkled in. The discussion and explanations are friendly, clear and pragmatic talking about the responses one is likely to face rather than a torrent of engine analysis and “best move” labelling.

It is not clear who chose to use the word “Coffeehouse” in the book’s title. The repertoire choices are most definitely not speculative or bordering on unsound. This is a extremely playable set of recommendations and most are used by elite players in the current decade… We are convinced that, despite the title, this book will be found to be extremely useful by the strongest and club players alike.”

John Upham, British Chess News (full review)


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