The English Opening vol. 2 (GM rep 4)

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GM Mihail Marins rykte som sjakkforfatter er uovertruffen. I denne boka avslører han sitt eget hvitrepertoar med 1.c4, den engelske åpningen.

Teorien er topp moderne med mange nyheter foreslått, men mest nyttig av alt er Marins klare forklaringer på hvordan man spiller de resulterende posisjonene.

Bind 1 dekker 1. c4 e5
Bind 2 dekker alle svar utenom 1…e5 og 1…c5
Bind 3 dekker 1. c4 c5

Dette er en del av et trebindsverk: The English Opening
[Bind 1] [Bind 2] [Bind 3]

Grandmaster Repertoire er en serie med høykvalitetsbøker basert på hovedlinjene, skrevet av sterke stormestere. Målet er å gi leseren et komplett repertoar på et nivå som er godt nok for eliteturneringer, og selvfølgelig også for klubbmesterskapet.

Grandmaster Repertoire gir et repertoar som varer livet ut.

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“The high-quality Grandmaster Repertoire series has taken this format to a completely different level… Marin’s ‘The English Opening’ Volume 1 is also a very classy production: the two further volumes on this system due out next month are eagerly awaited.”

GM Michael Adams, The Telegraph

“Is there a chess book that had a profound influence on you?
The entire ‘The English Opening’ series by Mihail Marin.”

GM Johan-Sebastian Christiansen, New in Chess

“Beautifully written and inspirational… Mihail Marin’s excellent repertoire books on the English Opening have helped to cement the reputation of Quality Chess’ Grandmaster Repertoire series… Marin’s deep experience and passion for the English Opening is clear throughout the book… If you’ve even the slightest inclination towards the English Opening, this trio of books is strongly recommended.”

GM Luke McShane, New in Chess

“It is a magnificent work, based on Marin’s experience with the English Opening… Marin’s vast knowledge of classic chess enriches the didactic value of the book.”

GM Zenon Franco Ocampos, Jaque

“Perhaps the finest work on the English Opening that I have ever seen.”

Steve Giddins, British Chess Magazine

“A typically lucid and thorough exposition from perhaps the most insightful and reliable chess author writing today. I looked at certain critical lines that I have played myself and was impressed with the clarity of thought, selected examples and range of new ideas. Very highly recommended.”

GM Jonathan Rowson, New in Chess

“It is immediately evident that this book is written by a strong Grandmaster who plays the opening himself and who thoroughly understands all the strategic and tactical nuances.

For most of the last ten years people have been asking me when I was going to write The Dynamic English 2nd Edition, and finally I can say there is no need, I think that had I decided to write an updated version this is the book I would have liked to have produced!

Perhaps the biggest compliment I can offer is that this is the only book that I will now be taking with me to my tournaments and team matches!”

GM Tony Kosten, (full review)

“an opening book of the highest standard… filled with many interesting theoretical novelties and strategic ideas… The English Opening: Volume 1 is an outstanding book that is must reading for anyone who plays 1.c4.

The physical qualities of this book of are the highest standard. It is printed on good quality paper and the two column layout is easy to read. The price of $30 for a book of close to 500 pages represents good value.”

IM John Donaldson (full review)

“By now most serious chess students should be well aware of Grandmaster Marin and his excellent books… The variations are worked through to the core. The lines are well explained, well-analyzed, and you find new moves and ideas in virtually in every single line.

One of the finest repertoire books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Therefore, if you are a serious player, if you like the English Opening, and you are ready to put in some hard work, then this book is well beyond anything that has previously been written on the lines covered and it will help take you to the next level. 5 Stars”

Carsten Hansen, (full review)


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