Improve Your Chess Calculation

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En virkelig god arbeidsbok for å bli bedre til å kalkulere.

Ramesh er treneren bak flere av de beste indiske spillerne nå, blant annet Gukesh, Praggnanandhaa og Sarin og er anerkjent som en av verdens aller beste trenere. I denne boka gir han verktøyene du trenger for å bli bedre og forklarer både tankevirksomheten og ideene som trengs for å øke ferdighetene her.

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Winner of the 2022 Book of the Year Award

Calculation is key to winning chess games. Converting your chess knowledge into concrete moves requires calculation and precise visualization.

The bad news: calculation is hard work. You cannot rely on feeling or intuition – you will have to turn on your brainpower. The good news: you can improve your calculation skills by training. Set up a position on a chessboard and try to solve exercises without moving the pieces!

Grandmaster Ramesh RB is the perfect coach to awaken your chess brain and feed you precisely the right exercises. ‘After only a month of intensive training with Ramesh, I could sense a seismic shift in both the precision of my calculation as well as my general level of sharpness,’ says GM Daniel Naroditsky.

GM Ramesh is one of the world’s most successful coaches. He has trained many of India’s top talents at all stages of their development on their journey to become International Masters and Grandmasters. Ramesh understands what mistakes players can make while calculating. He knows that the best move in a specific position may be the opposite of what your intuition is urging you to play. And he serves you the exercises to correct these misconceptions and start finding the right solutions.

Every chess player will benefit from the hundreds of exercises in this book. Coach Ramesh will take your calculation skills from a club player’s level to grandmaster level.


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