Playing the Najdorf

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Najdorfvarianten i siciliansk er en av sorts beste og mest aggressive svar på 1.e4. Najdorf ble brukt av Fischer og Kasparov med enorm dominans, og har siden blitt brukt mye av mange andre verdensmestere og stormestre i verdenseliten, inkludert Anand, Gelfand, Topalov og Vachier-Lagrave.

Til tross for Najdorfs åpenbare stamtavle, skremmes mange spillere av den svært taktiske og teoretiske karakteren til noen av hovedlinjene.

I Playing the Najdorf viser IM David Vigorito at dette ikke trenger å være et problem, siden han tilbyr et komplett repertoar for sort basert på posisjonsprinsipper, og tilbyr sunne anbefalinger som fører til et kampspill, uten å gjøre kampen om til en memoriseringskonkurranse.

David Vigorito er en erfaren IM og en respektert sjakkforfatter og trener, som har hatt Najdorf som ryggraden i sitt repertoar det meste av karrieren. Dette gjør ham ideell som en guide gjennom denne åpningen.

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“Vigorito’s orientation towards helping the reader understand the opening pervades the book. He clearly explains the plans for both sides, as well as the tactics and positional points. He frequently explains which moves don’t work as well as those that do, which is often the best way to understand what is going on and to get to grip with the various subtleties that make this opening so rich. He does not seek to make the material appear simpler than it really is, rather he guides the reader every step of the way.

I highly recommend this book. It provides great coverage and excellent explanations. Even more importantly, at least to me, it is enjoyable to read and a pleasure to dip into. The size of the book might put some potential readers off but, if you want to understand this much-played opening, I don’t think there is a better guide.”

IM John Pigott, CHESS Magazine

“While the Najdorf may have a great pedigree, it also has a reputation as being complicated and requiring tremendous theoretical knowledge. While there is no free lunch in chess, American International Master David Vigorito, in ‘Playing the Najdorf’ makes the case that learning this opening is not as daunting as it might seem…

Another way the author makes this book more accessible is by including a large amount of explanatory prose. This is a big book, well over 500 pages, which enables Vigorito to explain things without leaving out theoretically significant material. Despite the serious subject matter this book is very readable.”

IM John Donaldson

American IM David Vigorito has written a very up-to-date, state-of-the-art repertoire book from Black’s perspective. In form, it is flawless: clear, clear language and clean, understandable structure.

In terms of content, I am enthusiastic about the recommendations. Current developments have been observed, the various recommendations of various White repertoires have been dealt with and a comparison is always made with other previous Black repertoire publications. By always playing …e5 where possible, the play against different variations can often be approached in a similar way. As a result, typical plans run through the entire book. I find this approach very good, because the Najdorf is incredibly theory-bound and it is hardly possible to remember all variations. However, you can fall back on familiar strands and ideas, even if you are no longer ‘in the book’…

Overall, I can recommend the book to anyone who wants to play Najdorf or who already has it in their repertoire.”

FM Jasper Holtel (full review in German)

“Vigorito explains, and explains a lot and well. The reader learns the strategic aspects of the play and the reasons for his recommendations and assessments, as well as tips on why he should stay away from certain lines…

‘Playing the Najdorf’ offers Black an expert repertoire based on the Najdorf variation, which is made understandable to the reader in an advanced way and is well communicated. Numerous suggestions for innovations make the work interesting for the experienced player. Buying the book is recommended.”

Uwe Bekemann, Deutscher Fernschachbund (full review in German)


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