Playing the Sveshnikov

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Den solide varianten i Siciliansk forsvar ble allemannseie under sjakk-VM da det var Magnus Carlsen hovedforsvar mot Fabiano Caruana.

Sveshnikov er solid, men med mange muligheter som åpner seg om hvit er litt upresis. Denne boka dekker et vell av varianter, uten at det virker overveldende og vil passe både mesterspillere og spillere i klasse 1 og 2.

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The Sicilian Sveshnikov arises after the opening moves 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 e5, and is an ideal weapon based on sound principles of fast development and seizing central space. Decades of practical testing and analysis have proved the theoretical soundness of Black’s system, and its dynamic counterattacking potential makes it a popular choice among club players and top grandmasters alike.

Serbian grandmaster Milos Pavlovic is a lifelong Sveshnikov player as well as an experienced chess trainer, making him the ideal guide to this opening. Playing the Sveshnikov offers a complete repertoire for Black in the Sveshnikov, including secondary recommendations against certain key variations. With top-class analysis, novelties galore and thoughtful explanations, this book provides everything you need to learn and play the Sveshnikov with success.

Milos Pavlovic is a former Yugoslav Champion who has held the grandmaster title since 1993. An experienced tournament competitor, theoretician and FIDE Trainer, he is an expert on the Sveshnikov, having played both sides of it for most of his chess career.


“The ideas Pavlovic presents are usually profound and well-developed, but the analysis sometimes contain gaps. There is also no afterword or summary, which makes the choice of the variations discussed seem arbitrary. Nevertheless, that is only a blemish that does not detract from the power of the book, which offers nice surprise weapons in addition to a repertoire… All in all, a nice book for both those who already play the Sveshnikov and want to know more about it, and those who are considering playing the opening, but don’t have a theoretical basis yet.”

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