Sacrifice and Initiative in Chess: Seize the Moment to Get the Advantage

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Sacrifice and Initiative in Chess er en underholdende og læreriktig guide, fullpakket med nyttige råd og glitrende eksempler

Offeret er et av de vakreste og komplekse elementene i sjakk. Å gi opp materiale for å få en fordel er ofte den vanskligste vurderingen å ta under et parti, men det er ofte også den mest givende!

Ivan Sokolov, en virkelig angrepsmester, presenterer et sett med praktiske verktøy som vil hjelpe deg å mestre denne kunstformen. Han fokuserer på målet du prøver å oppnå, og lærer deg hvordan du utvikler din intuisjon.

Et offer er det naturlige produktet av initiativet, mener Sokolov. Dette forklarer hvorfor forfatteren bruker en betydelig del av boken til dette vakre elementet i sjakk. Han er klar i formen og viser tydelig når initiativet står på spill og hvordan du skal ta tak i det.

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Fra forlagets utvalgte anmeldelser av boken (engelsk):

Uwe Bekemann, German Correspondence Chess Federation:
“The material this book contains will make it a classic (..) Studying it is fun. Sokolov convinces because he does not simply dish out a parade of examples of sacrifices, but presents complete view on initiative, sacrifice and other elements.”

Dennis Monokroussos, The Chess Mind:
“Ivan Sokolov may be the strongest active player writing books on middlegame theory, and the quality shows (..) He writes and analyses with great enthusiasm and expertise and the attentive reader will not just be entertained by the great games, he’ll be educated as well.”

British Chess Magazine:
“One of the best practical guides ever written.”

Sam Collins, Chess Today:
“The structure is well thought out and makes the material easier to digest (..) The book shines in Sokolov’s constant attempts to explain rules and principles (in particular the ‘attacking ratio’, which dominates most examples) coupled with stories about particular games or concepts.”

The Judges of the ECF Book of the Year Award:
“A delightful book that both instructs and entertains at the same time.”

Klaus Kreuzer, Rochade Europa Magazine:
“Sokolov does an extremely remarkable job (..) His explanations are always convincing and instructive.”

Hans Ree, NRC Handelsblad:
“Presents not just rules of thumb but also specific insights that had never crossed my mind.”

Sean Marsh, CHESS Magazine:
“One of the reasons I like this book is Sokolov’s use of firsthand anecdotes (..) A very well-written and highly instructive book.”

John D. Warth,Chess Club of Southern Indiana:

“One of the book’s strongest chapters deals with ignoring our opponents’ threats by creating counter-threats of our own (..) ‘Sacrifice and Initiative in Chess’ is a thought-provoking a
nd mature study of great importance.”

Joe Petrolito, Australasian Chess Magazine:
“Sokolov writes clearly and instructively, and once again he has produced an excellent book that is a pleasure to read.”

Martin Rieger, SchachWelt:
“The book offers useful ideas, presents wonderful attacking games and motivates to play creatively. The explanations by this experïenced grandmaster are instructive and enlightening.”

Hans Bohm, De Telegraaf:
“A good theme, instructively developed (..) Contains quite a few rules of thumb.”

International Master John Donaldson:
“An outstanding work that should appeal to a wide audience.”

Paul Motwani, The Scotsman:

John Hartmann, Chess Books Reviews:
“An advanced treatise on attack. It’s amazing, and it’s full of tidbits of attacking wisdom that would take years to acquire on one’s own.”

Carsten Hansen
, ChessCafe:
“Excellent, instructive, and largely a joy to read. I can recommend it to any player eager to improve his or her game. I know that I will be working a bit with this book to find the sharpness in my game.”


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