The Alterman Gambit Guide – Black Gambits 1

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Alterman Gambit Guide er en instruksjonsmanual for å forbedre spillere. Skjerp taktikken din og lær å spille dynamisk angrepssjakk mens du studerer de mest underholdende gambitene!

Merk at boka ikke er et teoretisk arbeid på høyt nivå, men en instruksjonsbok for spillere som vil lære seg underholdende åpningslinjer for klubb- og hobbyspill.

Dette bindet er skrevet for sorts perspektiv og inneholder

  • Benkogambit: 1 d4 Sf6 2 c4 c5 3 d5 b5
  • Blumenfeldgambit: 1 d4 Sf6 2 c4 e6 3 Sf3 c5 4 d5 b5
  • Vaganiangambit: 1 d4 Sf6 2 c4 c5 3 Sf3 cxd4 4 Sxd4 e5 5 Sb5 d5 6 cxd5 Lc5
  • 1. d4 Sf6 – varianter og sidelinjer
  • The English Defense Gambit: 1 c4 b6 2 d4 Lb7 3 Sc3 e6 4 e4 Lb4 5 f3 f5 6 exf5 Sh6

Boka er en del av serien Alterman Gambit Guide

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“Since the first work in the series, White Gambits, was very well received, [Quality Chess] decided to bring out another two-part repertoire for Black. The first volume deals with move-orders connected with 1.d4 and 1.c4, while the second concerns 1.e4 and is expected to be released soon. Rather than focusing on deep improvements upon established theory The Alterman Gambit Guide emphasizes the importance of becoming familiar with the opening and positional principles […] as well as mastering tactical motifs and training yourself to evaluate typical positions. It’s a very challenging concept, and after reading Alterman’s introduction I was eager to see how he’d manage to avoid disappointing his readers…

The Alterman Gambit Guide has positively surprised me by making a clear, dynamic and sound repertoire accessible to a public rated between 1500 and 2500. Quite an achievement! Since I’m a 1.e4 e5 player myself I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of The Alterman Gambit Guide Black Gambits 2 when it’s released!”

IM Robert Ris, ChessVibes (full review)

“Overall, I like this book quite a lot, even if Alterman is a better salesman for Black than being an objective bearer of the current theoretical situation in each line. For those who want to understand these openings, the presentation will appeal to players rated from 1400 to around 2200, which is approximately Alterman’s target audience for the book. The author does an admirable job and I’m sure that those who want an introduction to the lines in question will be instructed and inspired, as well as thoroughly entertained. For more in-depth coverage of the lines, players will have to look elsewhere, but this is a good place to start.”

Carsten Hansen, ChessCafe

“Boris Alterman’s book is a personal look at several d-pawn gambits from Black’s point of view. A big chunk of the work is about the Benko, and many of the illustrated games are his own, so personal is the right adjective here. However in addition, the book deals with the Blumenfeld, and some other dynamic gambit-like ideas where White varies early on…

Alterman and Quality have conjured up an excellent essay in the instruction of dynamic play, as well as an opening work of high quality.”

GM Glenn Flear, New in Chess

“Alterman organizes his material around 58 model games that are carefully annotated with plenty of explanatory prose. This book is laid out in a way that makes it easy to learn from with plenty of diagrams and assessments to tie the material together. Players below 2300 will find everything they need to learn how to play these openings successfully at their level.”

IM John Donaldson


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