The Modern Tiger

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The Modern Tiger tilbyr et komplett repertoar mot 1.e4, samt mot 1.d4 når hvit fortsetter med c4 og e4. For ekstra fleksibilitet gis både en moderne linje og en Pirc-linje mot det kritiske østerrikske angrepet.

Tiger’s Modern fra 2005 var en moderne klassiker, men gikk ut på dato. I stedet for å skrive en typisk andre utgave, valgte den svenske stormesteren Tiger Hillarp Persson å skrive en ny bok om det samme emnet, bygge videre på det opprinnelige rammeverket, analysere hver linje og legge til over førti nye illustrerende partier til sin unike tolkning av Moderne forsvar.

GM Tiger Hillarp Persson er en moderne entusiast som er allment beundret for sin kreative stil og sine originale ideer.

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“When I started playing chess again, one of the openings I took up was the Modern… When you come across a book like Tiger’s with 500 pages of deep analysis and superb explanation, you suddenly realise how vulnerable you were when you played the opening in that blissful state of ignorance.

It is an absolutely super book.”

GM Matthew Sadler, New in Chess

“Ten years have got behind him, but the enthusiasm and the humour is still there. It goes to show that this Tiger hasn’t changed his stripes!

As for the book, despite more games, a higher-powered engine, and a more measured approach in certain lines, it’s still as daring, entertaining, exciting, outrageous and irrational as it always was, there is just a lot more of it in 2014!”

GM Glenn Flear, New in Chess Yearbook

“If you are looking for an exciting and original game of chess filled with complications and unusual motifs, then Tiger’s Modern is for you!

I heartily recommend this book. Great analyses, Wealth of ideas and an excellent weapon in a must-win scenario with the black pieces.”

IM Sagar Shah (full review)

“The focus is on the positions arising after 1.e4 g6 2.d4 Bg7. The bulk of the book is devoted to this ‘Modern’ move order and in particular variations where Black often follows up with an early …a6 aiming for …b5, …Bb7, …Nd7 and …c5 when allowed. Black’s king knight is slow to develop, so with but a few exceptions […] play does does not transpose to the Pirc. The approach advocated by Persson has picked up many followers the past decade including Vladimir Kramnik who appreciate its strategic complexity which allows Black to play for a win.”

IM John Donaldson

“Everything about this book is first class – from the writing and analysis through the production values. I have not enjoyed a chess book as much (particularly one that primarily focuses on a single opening or defense) in a long, long time.”

Randy Bauer (full review)

“Tiger Hillarp Persson has an engaging writing style, reminiscent of John Watson’s. This helps make the material – which is difficult stuff, better suited to tournament players rather than standard club players – more easily digestible. The Modern Tiger is definitely not a case of bolting on a few extra, lightly annotated recent games to an existing book. Owners of the first edition should not experience any doubtful moments about upgrading and will definitely not feel short changed.”

Sean Marsh, CHESS magazine


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